Mike was born and raised just outside of the city of Pittsburgh.  He’s the son and grandson of steelworkers, and he worked in the mills briefly himself when he was working his way through college.  Other than the four years he spent at Penn State , he’s lived here all his life. He’s run a small business in Swissvale and he knows how the people in this region live and work. He knows all about their worries and their fears, and he shares their hopes and dreams.  He wants his kids to be able to have a good job and a great life without having to move away.

In short, Mike Doyle knows in his bones what the people of this district want from their Congressman, and that’s why he’s been so good at representing them in Washington.

Mike Doyle has served in Congress for a little over 20 years now.  He’s developed the knowledge and the seniority needed to work effectively to benefit the people in southwestern Pennsylvania. As a result of his experience and seniority, he serves on one of the most prestigious and powerful House committees — the Energy and Commerce Committee — from which he has been able to bring jobs and federal assistance back to Pittsburgh.

Throughout his service in Congress, Mike has focused on promoting job growth and economic development in southwestern Pennsylvania . He’s brought home millions of dollars in funding for building critical infrastructure for the region — infrastructure like roads, bridges, and locks and dams. He’s been able to bring federal R&D money and contracts to local universities, high-tech companies, and federal agencies. He’s been able to set up federally funded institutions like the Doyle Center for Manufacturing Technology which help local businesses compete in the global economy. And he’s been able to make sure that outstanding local institutions like the Supercomputing Center in Monroeville and the National Energy Technology Laboratory get a fair playing field in the competition for federal research funding

Mike’s also been a national leader in arguing for a national energy policy that will end our dependence on oil from politically unstable parts of the world like the Middle East . Mike’s pushed for the adoption of new technology like fuel cells, energy efficient buildings, and hybrid cars that could reduce our need for oil dramatically in the next ten years. Mike thinks that nothing’s impossible for a nation that can put a man on the Moon in less than ten years. He knows we can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil over the next ten years if we want to, and he thinks it’s one of the most important things our country could do. He’s been working on the Energy and Commerce Committee to achieve that goal. Mike worked successfully to double federal funding for research on fuel cell powered vehicles over the next 5 years, for example, and he was one of a number of Members of Congress who were able to create a tax incentive for consumer purchases of hybrid vehicles.

Mike’s not just taking care of the folks at home, although he’s been working hard to do that. Mike’s also been a courageous leader on controversial national issues like Iraq . Mike was one of a small number of Congressman who rejected overwhelming pressure and voted against invading Iraq during the Bush administration, and he has consistently criticized the failures of the Bush Administration’s policies in Iraq.

Mike’s not afraid of a fight, and he’s not afraid of doing the right thing. He doesn’t shy away from the tough job or the thankless task. A couple years ago he was selected to serve on the House Ethics Committee. He was one of 10 Members of the House chosen to weigh allegations of wrongdoing against their colleagues and render a fair and unbiased decision, as well as any punishment that’s warranted. He spent hours taking testimony from witnesses and reviewing evidence in cases involving other Members of Congress, including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Everybody in Congress knows he’s got the integrity and the courage to stand up for what’s right, even when it will make powerful people angry.

Mike Doyle’s qualifications for Congress include intelligence, integrity, experience, and a deep, heartfelt commitment to the people of southwestern Pennsylvania . Mike has never forgotten where he came from – or why he’s serving in Congress.