Last Large Allegheny County Brownfield to be developed

August 18, 2010

Plans announced today for the 168-acre brownfield at the Carrie Furnace site along the Mon River include economic development and inclusion in the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area. Opened in 1884, the Carrie blast furnaces produced iron ore to make steel at the Homestead Works until 1982. Allegheny County bought the site in 2005 with 5.75 million federal, state and local dollars.

Already designated National Landmarks, Congressman Mike Doyle has introduced a bill that would make the furnaces a National Historic Site owned and operated by the National Park Service.

Allegheny County will request proposals in the fall for development of the vacant land, to include residential, eco-industrial, and flex office structures, a riverfront trail with connections, and a link to the East Busway in Rankin.
Congressman Doyle says he remembers the incredulity that greeted ambitious development plans years ago at the Homestead Works, but the Waterfront has exceeded all expectations and driven the surrounding communities’ economies.