New Boundaries for the 14th District

Every ten years, the state legislature must redraw all of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts based on the new population figures that come from the national census.  This time the population numbers also meant a change in the congressional delegation from Pennsylvania from nineteen members to eighteen which caused the map-making to be even more challenging.

One way or the other, the redistricting has been completed, and the 14th District which I represent has new boundaries.  These new boundaries will take effect for the election in 2012.

While the new district still contains all of the city of Pittsburgh at its core, some of the other areas have changed a bit.  There have been some additional communities in the West End added to the district, as well as some portions of the Eastern suburbs that were not previously part of the map.  In addition, there will be a few more communities from the South Hills, and probably most significantly a good number of Alle-Kiski valley communities have been added including two towns in Westmoreland County making it the first time the 14th District has broached outside of Allegheny County.

In short, given that population gains were larger in other parts of the state, and that all the districts in Pennsylvania were due to gain about 70,000 people at a minimum because of the elimination of  the one district; the 14th District still contains most of all the towns it previously had and then expanded to include additional communities in the regions mentioned above.

Please take a look at the map on this site that shows geographically the make- up of the new district.   As with many things, its easier to see it then to explain it.

I am excited to have the new communities and people added to the district, and look forward to campaigning in those areas and working for the people that reside there!

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