Rep. Doyle (D-PA) Shows Washington How To Stand Up To Corporate Front Groups

May 27th, 2010
Public Knowledge

The faux populist group Americans For Prosperity has been running ads against network neutrality in Mike Doyle’s (D-PA) district in Pittsburgh. Doyle’s response? A letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski telling him to ignore faux populist FUD from AFP, hold firm, and move full speed ahead to protect consumers while Congress takes up the work of updating the Communications Act for a more comprehensive approach.

Rep. Doyle’s colleagues should learn from Doyle’s example of how to respond corporation interests seek to dress up their agendas in populist clothing combined with some decorative cover from Tea Party protesters.

Let me start by quoting at length from Rep. Doyle’s letter:

As you may know, television broadcasters in my district are airing advertisements from a group called “Americans for Prosperity